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Welcome to my Game review site! Very few people make it this far, you're a lucky one!

This is the list of games I will be reviewing today:


For the first game, Destiny, I give it an 8.5. The game was very okay in the beginning, the story was short and quick, and getting to level 20 (the max level no DLC) was a breeze. However, since most of the game's meat revolves around DLC and public events, it becomes expensive to play after a while. I had the game a few months after launch (I like to give developers time to fix the bugs) and I have to say, I had fun. This game is a good waste of time with friends or even solo.

Overall Rating, 8.5/10
"Borderlands 2"

The second game, Borderlands 2, is one of my favorite games of all time. I have almost 1000 hours put into the game, and I only usually play it on the weekends. This game is a time consumer, like destiny, since it takes forever to get all of the legendary gear. This game though, has six different playable characters, and hundereds of hours of fun with DLC and friends. You can get the game and all of the DLC for about 39.99 on Steam with the Game of the Year Edition. Look out for sales though, because I got the Game of the Year Edition on Steam for about 7.99. Deals always help.You can also get the original Borderlands GOTY for 19.99, and it comes with the complete first story, along with all of the DLC and a copy of Borderlands 2.

Overall Rating, 10/10
"Grand Theft Auto V"

My third game, and boy I have been waiting for this one, is the infamous GTA V. This game is an AMAZING game to spend time on, with loads of in-game content, constant updates that never let down, a freeroam online mode, and hyperrealistic visuals, this game is on my top list. I have put days and days into this game. Don't be fooled by the name though, just because it's called Grand Theft Auto, that doesn't mean you live the life of a criminal. I personally like to spend time racing all around the streets of Los Santos, similar to one of my favorite movies, 2 Fast 2 Furious. I also like to spend time walking around the city and enjoying all of the lights, music, and visuals of the game.

Overall Rating, 10/10

Along with my recent switch over to PC gaming, one of the series that I decided to take up was the Elder Scrolls series. Oblivion was one of the games that stood out to me for its story. Visuals aren't as great as they are on Skyrim or TESO, but the story was just so immersive. The mod support is overwhelmingly vast and still active today. I didn't install any lore breaking mods, but I did install some visual mods as well as some weapon and spell mods. I also saved my self alot of time fighting tough enemies by going into the console and typing "kill". I love this game and will probably continue to play it for a while until Argonia comes out.

Overall Rating, 10.5/10
"Fallout 3"

Fallout. 'Nuff said

Overall Rating, 11/10