This Is a Product Promotion Page

Today I bring to you a set of AMAZING Canon products. Amazing products that you will most definitely want to buy if you plan on taking great video footage for film. however these cameras are nothing short of expensive, as they are meant for the pros, but if you feel pro enough, then these are perfect for you. The Canon C100 is priced at around $6k and both the C300 and the C500 are priced at $16k yet the have many major differences.

But what I really want to talk about is the amazing C500. The C500 may be priced the same as the C300, but they are worlds apart. For example, the C500 is capable of shooting full 4k (4096x2160) resolution at 120 frames per second with a 10 bit color depth at a half-raw file format. On top of that, the C500 can also shoot 4k at 60 frames full raw, 2k at 60 frames, and full hd at 60 frames. This camera also shoots at the traditional 24 frames per second for cinema as well as 25p for PAL, 30p NTSC/PAL, 50p PAL, and 59.94 NTSC.